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Families in Action

How do you create change for your family? Join us...

...for the opportunity to step outside of the typical world in which families caring for a child with an intellectual and/or developmental disability exist to experience a weekend of:

  • Connection
  • Relaxation
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Networking
  • and New Perspectives

Together families will experience positivity, motivation, and thoughtful reflection moving families into action!

Families in Action gives families the opportunity to  live and celebrate life together in beautiful Estes Park Colorado –enjoying a restful and relaxing weekend having fun together! Kids will enjoy planned activities in a camp experience during the day, and families will re-connect in the evening over campfire fun and with special family entertainment.

“Being a parent of a child with disabilities is like walking up a mountain trail. You know how you walk a little uphill and then the trail makes a U-turn on itself? After you've turned the corner, you look back on where you've been. That’s kind of what its like to be a parent of a child with disabilities. At each new stage of growth, you can look back and get some perspective on where you've been, and each time it gets a little easier” (-Mark Buswell).

As you are climbing the mountain trail it’s difficult to take time to care for yourself show you can show love to yourself and your family. Families in Action has an incredible program designed to inspire parents— adults will hear motivational messages throughout the weekend, and have the opportunity for a little self-care (massages, picnics, the great outdoors). We want you to take the time to love and care for yourself!

You will learn:

  • How to create your story
  • Keeping your tank full
  • How to create change
  • Building community and independence

Learn to share your story, to embrace your life, and to move your emotions into action— creating change not only for your family but also for your community! You are an expert on your child and your family; we have created an environment for you to learn new skills and resources that will give you a new perspective on living life with a child with an intellectual and/or developmental disability.

Families in Action is designed to engage the entire family! Kids will have the chance to initiate the life-long process of self-discovery and independence through outdoor education, fun, and adventure! Whether they are preschoolers, in grade school, or teenagers, kids have much to say — if they are given a chance. Families in Action provides a safe place for kids to discover their feelings of living life with an I/DD or having a sibling with an I/DD. Weaved throughout the weekend will be incredible lessons on how kids can become powerful self-advocates and advocates for people with I/DD.

The Details

  • When - Friday, August 14th - Sunday, August 16, 2015
  • Where - YMCA of The Rockies
  • Retreat begins @ 6:00 pm Friday
  • Check-in begins @ 3pm; and wraps up at 12:00 noon
  • Sunday - check out by 10am.

We encourage all members of the family to attend the Families in Action Family Retreat. We have programming for parents, siblings, and individuals with I/DD. It is highly advised that two adults attend e.g. parent, grandparent, or family friend…

All families can attend the retreat at no charge. Costs are covered by the presenting Chapters of The Arc and Arc thrift stores.

Our volunteer team is eager to provide a camp experience for all kiddos, however, they are not medical professionals and cannot provide personal care, skilled/unskilled nursing, or medical services.

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Presented by:

The Arc of Colorado
The Arc of Larimer County
The Arc of Weld County
ACL of Boulder & Broomfield Counties

Sponsored by:

Arc Thrift Stores


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