Voting is one of our most important rights as citizens. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve to have their issues heard and understood. The vote is the first and most important way to be heard by your elected officials.

Voting Resources

Join This Virtual Presentation and Q&A Discussion on Voting Rights for Person’s With Disabilities! Registration Required.

Use this handy guide and voter kickoff from the ACL Boulder and Broomfield Counties!

Read The Colorado State Legislature’s Guide to the 2020 Ballot

Register to Vote!

Visit Vote 411 Colorado.

Watch videos about the importance of voting

Our Vote Counts Public Service Announcements are short videos about key disability issues that need exposure before the 2020 election. Please view and share them with your friends. Thank you to Visual Results for your work on this project!

Vote with a friend. It’s more fun.

The Disability Voter’s Bill of Rights

Why Vote?

Underfunded Laws Hurts All Children

Why do the disabled have to be so poor?

Real Jobs, Real Wages

Is 10 cents an hour a fair wage?

Stop the pain…killers…

I’m a citizen. My vote (should) count.

Our Vote Counts 30 Second Trailer